I’ve got a fun plan for 2008. Twelve times throughout the year — roughly once a month — I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, then I’ll write about it on magicalmonkey.

You see, 2007 has been a freakin’ awesome year, and I think it’s because I’ve done things I haven’t even thought about in years….things which, in 2006, I wouldn’t have considered feasible. I got back in the gym, and now I feel SO much better — a year ago, I couldn’t put my pants on without back pain. I lost weight, and now my risk has been lowered for a host of diseases and conditions — last Thanksgiving, I saw my own future in family members who struggle with diabetes and orthopedic conditions. And I started this blog, which has become a cool little catalyst for creativity in my life.

So I want to keep it up! I’ve started a list of ideas……please help! Post a comment or e-mail me. Or better yet…..compose a list for yourself, and we’ll help each other do things we’ve never done before. You go zorbing with me, and I’ll attend a Star Trek convention with you. Or vice versa.

Adventures in ’08! Yeah!

run a mile race
run a 5K race
go on a cruise
go to a Mac conference
stay in an ice hotel
plant a garden
see the northern lights
take a wine tasting class
take a road trip with no idea of destination before leaving
be a member of a TV show audience
do Vegas!
write my will
spend a whole day at a spa
go zorbing
attend a scifi convention *
knit something
donate blood
volunteer during a holiday
create my own website (blog templates don’t count)
wax a body part
pierce an unusual body part
tattoo a body part
enter a juried art show
design my own apparel, then make it
script & shoot a short movie
send a postcard to Postsecret
earn a masters degree
go on a lonnnnnnnng hike
enter flight school
ride an elephant
learn to make sushi rolls
visit Stonehenge
throw a dart on a map and travel where it lands
make paper
write a book
visit the Grand Canyon
ride in a hot air balloon
attend a Buddhist service/seminar/retreat

* A friend knew someone who went to one of these. I was intrigued when I heard about the huge signs that were posted at the entrance: “Naked is NOT a costume.”