1. Humans can suck in their ribs.
2. It is possible to change your life, no matter what type of “trap” you think you’re in.
3. Creativity must be nurtured — use it or lose it, baby.
4. Honeycrisp apples are freakin’ yummy.
5. Asian pears are freakin’ orgasmic.
6. Some male cats can get an infection which will cause a nipple to grow spoogy and fall off.
7. Some male humans are preoccupied with the notion of ass hair.
8. In the gym, a beneficial skill is an ability to tell your own body to just shut up and put out.
9. Intellectually, you may know that being a workaholic will get you nowhere at lightspeed….but you are still a hopeless case until you are able to force yourself away from your desk to go outside and play. On a regular basis. In a guilt-free manner.
10. Asparagus can be pretty tasty, especially when prepared with kickin’ hot spices.