What should I blog about when I don’t know what to blog about?

I’m trying to stay committed to this fun little creative experiment. Truly, I am. I know that creativity begets creativity. I know that it is a discipline as much as it is an intuition. I want it to be a way of life for me, a way of being in the universe.

That’s a bit lofty for a blog, huh? I meant creativity as a way of being. Not blogging. Although “Blogging as a way of being” sounds like a great post title. I think I’ll use it.

sigh …

Hoping I’d find some inspiration — or, at the very least, a little amusement — I googled “weird blog topics.” Right off the bat, I found a guy who goes into excruciating detail about what he eats each day and how the meals were prepared. Geesh. And I mean freakin’ geesh.

I almost stopped there in favor of browsing wistfully through unfound geocaches in my area, but I thought the search deserved more than just one shot, so I kept going……and actually found some interesting blogs.

Reality Banned
A dude named Mikster (“Nobody blogs you like I blog you”) posts every few days or so, and has written recently about things like showering, the time he was hit hardest in the balls, and things he would never, ever do in a million years. I haven’t read the entries in their entirety — he writes quite a LOT — but what I did read was pretty darn chuckles-inducing.

Vonnegut’s Asshole
This guy’s name is Eric, and he is a real, honest-to-goodness writer. Makes a living selling words that come out of his own head — he’s written entire books, and his articles have appeared in publications you would actually recognize. His most recent posts are inspired by visits with family over the holidays, and in a November post he talks about a publication he guest-edited called Monkeybicycle. His writing amuses me greatly (yet again, though, I just skimmed)…..but if I were to be completely honest, I’d admit that this blog made my list because of its name. Vonnegut’s Asshole! Ha!

Pretty Dumb Things
This is a chick named Chelsea who is also a professional writer — for the likes of Penthouse. Her site is not pornographic (although some of the ads along the sides are….um, interesting), but neither does she mince words. I like her. I totally (welllll, mostly) agree with her Jan 15th post about romance. I’m looking forward to reading more of her archives on a lazy, rainy weekend afternoon. Whilst sipping highend coffee, my cats slumbering contentedly at my side. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Ha! Another name which amuses me, and the logo is quite fabulously fabulous! You can also buy Kittenpants merchandise, including — of course — Kittenpants underpants. For a nanosecond I considered buying a poster or two for my office at work, but…..I think I should avoid the controversy. The writing on the site? Um, I didn’t actually read any of it, but it looks like it’d be good.

Offended Blogger
Chelle B’s latest post of Jan 15th talks about how her husband goes completely insane once a month, and has the insolent nerve to try and blame it on her. On Jan 6th, she shares concerns about “disturbing changes happening to the melanocytic naevus on [her husband’s] left ass cheek.” Ha! Laugh-out-loud funny stuff. But the post which most struck a chord with me was Jan 3rd…..you can scroll down to a grown-up picture of her cat, Mister Schmoopy Doopey — who looks just like my supersweet kitty Ozzy — who is peering angrily into the camera, saying “You are paying them to do what to my balls?!?”

Toward the end of my browsing adventures, I found a compilation site which I am definitely going to bookmark: humor-blogs.com. Am hoping for future inspiration.