Whoa!! I am blogging directly from my freaky-hip new iPhone. This is the coolest geek-thing I’ve done since figuring out how OSX handles fonts.

My biggest frustration with the device is lack of MMS support. Geesh! The thing is a step away from time travel, and they didn’t build in a feature that every $30 phone possesses. But then maybe Apple knows something we don’t. Reminds me of the day they introduced a Mac with — gasp! — NO floppy disk drive. Everyone thought Steve Jobs was insane, but we missed those drives for about 3 minutes before they became obsolete.

There’s a workaround, anyway. It’s a minor pain in my ass, but I’ll live. :)

And I’m getting used to the keyboard. Soon I’ll be posting porn-star length entries from odd places like, um, my sister’s barn or, ummmm, the upstairs restroom in Stephen Colbert’s summer home.

Hey, I said ‘porn-star length’ again.