I realize that only a couple of you read magicalmonkey on a regular basis–so I’m probably not helping her out that much–but on the off chance that your name is Simon Cowell and you have stumbled upon this blog by googling something like “dimwitted pixie ass hair geocaching Barbie iPhone nipples,” I’d like to turn you on to Brandy Lindsey & the Punch.

I’d known Brandy for many years as a freelance graphic designer before I ever knew she was into music. Then I discovered that she was a singer/songwriter/musician/composer in addition to being a talented print pro. I checked out a performance one night at a local club, and have been a big fan ever since. Remember those really superathletic people you used to know in school? Those lucky people who, no matter what physical activity they attempted, they excelled? Well, Brandy is one of those lucky people in the world of creativity. Impressive.

Nowadays I don’t work with her in her freelance capacity, but she sings to me over my fun little Shuffle as I run. :)

Oh, and before she chastises me for not mentioning “The Punch,” let me say that they rock, too! Here’s their first video.