1. Blog. Obviously.
2. Read through my AT&T Mobility bill to figure out why my first-month iPhone charges were so freakin’ high. Do they think I can crap $20 bills?
3. Jump rope. I don’t like to jump rope, but it’s better than doing laundry.
4. Do laundry. I hate doing laundry, but it’s better than washing dishes.
5. Wash dishes. I hate washing dishes, but it’s better than sorting coupons.
6. Sort coupons. I need to see a psychiatrist so I can stop saving them.
7. Polish my crystal monkey. Why are his feet so tiny?
8. Cuddle with my cats.
9. Review mm stats in Google Analytics.
10. Ponder Nietzsche.
11. Read Go magazine’s article on the upcoming Upstate Challenge “Mud” Run. I suspect that some people at work got together and voted me “Most Likely to Perform Masochistic Acts for the Sake of a Laugh,” because I keep getting asked to join the department’s team.
12. Flip through Link magazine. A new coffee house near Furman has a cool monkey logo.
13. Watch “The Biggest Loser.”
14. Plan a new upper body regimen so I can have kickass-girl arms like Jillian on “The Biggest Loser.”
15. Polish my Powerbook.
16. Download new desktop images for my Powerbook.
17. Google other people’s perversions. Now, what’s that thing called again where a man shoves his entire head into…. ?? Oh, never mind. I think I’d rather do my taxes. Let’s try #17 again.
17. Eat Reese’s Cups. If I had some, I would eat them right now. A bunch of them. Yum!
18. Talk to my cats. They meow back.
19. Meow at my cats. They meow back.
20. Go to bed and dream of being rescued by the tax fairy.