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I started playing with this recipe after having a similar version for dinner at a friend’s house. She served it with croissants to make sandwiches, but I like to eat it by itself. A couple of posts ago, I said it was fat free, but then I realized it’s not because of the chicken…..but it’s close.

All you do is prep the ingredients and mix in a big bowl. Easy! Makes 4-6 servings.

1-2 apples, diced
shredded carrots, a pile equal in size to that of your apples
celery, diced, a pile slightly smaller than the previous piles
chicken, 2 6-oz packages
Wishbone fat free Italian dressing, 1/2 c or a little more
thai blend seasoning
fresh ground pepper


For best flavor, don’t buy just any apples….use your favorite. I like honey crisp, pink lady, or sonya….they all have texture like a granny smith, but are sweeter. Yum! I don’t think an apple with the texture of a red delicious would work, but don’t let me stop you if you’re feeling experimental.

I use the bagged, pre-shredded carrots. They’re crunchy. Seems like when you shred it yourself, it’s too soft.

I’m waaaay too lazy to actually cook the chicken myself, like my friend did at her house. I buy those pouches of oven-roasted, 96% fat free white meat. You’ll have to chop up the meat a little more. But not too much….chunks are good.

Don’t use Kraft dressing, unless you want it to taste like a Pizza Inn salad bar. Ewwwww.

Use a LOAD of thai seasoning. Use it until you think it’ll be nasty…..then use more. Adds a tastebud-tingling kick! Who needs mayo? Spoogy white substances are no match for kickass spices, baby.

Nuts (almonds and walnuts, in particular) are also very good in it….they will add more fat, but at least they’re healthy fats. My friend used raisins, and they were good. I’ve thought about trying oranges, pineapple, or pears.