While kickin’ around downtown Greenville today, a friend and I noticed a new store called Healthy Lounge. We strolled in to check out the place…..it had a minimalistic, contemporary vibe, happy and peaceful. They had a few products along one wall, but it turned out that their main business is “rapid recharge” — stress-relieving services which include high-tech lounge chair massages, foot baths, and oxygen therapy.

Ahhhhh, an opportunity for a neverdone, I thought to myself. What joy! I can pay these folks some money to breathe their fancy air.

A hip young dude led us to a corner where an end-table-sized machine awaited. He dialed in our aromatherapy choices — I chose mint rosemary and my friend chose orange peppermint — and left us to hang out in their comfy chairs and chat whilst wearing colorful oxygen tubes hooked around our ears and shoved up our noses.

Sexy, huh? Yeah, yeah….I felt a little silly. But that’s not an unusual feeling for me, so I leaned back and embraced it.

I don’t know if it really DID anything. Maybe it did. I think it did. At least now I can say I’ve been to an oxygen bar…..it’ll make me seem really groovy and sophisticated to people who think trendy therapies are groovy and sophisticated.

I think I’ll go back to experience one of their superduper shiatsu chair machines. One of them will do your ass. I asked.