Yup, shymntmn and ninja are correct! The gizmo is a happy rechargeable bug sucker which also provides an electrifying zzzzap to any offensive little varmint unlucky enough to be trapped in its telescoping, 24-inch TUBE OF DEATH. If you look at the picture closely, you can see one of the creepy dead things still in the tube.

Before I bought this thing, I had two designated bug glasses–just standard clear drinking glasses that were old and chipped–which I kept under the sink. I’d see a bug (or, way more often, a spider), trap it under the glass, and wait for it to die. This was not ideal because I’d have to look at it for days or perhaps weeks….while getting laughed at quite heartily by anyone who happened to come over. Once, a spider stayed in there forEVER, spinning a scary little complex web before finally shriveling up and kicking his proverbial little bucket. Ewwwwwww!

Once I bought my new townhome, though, I decided I needed a more grownup way of dealing with small, unpleasant visitors — not to mention that my new kittens Ozzy and Blue loved to knock over the container to play fabulous cat-and-bug hunting games. I found the bug-murdering device on the internet and loved that you could wield the sucker and not have to get close to the suckee. And the vile creature would be good an’ dead well before you had to open it to dispose of the body. Perfect!

The only drawback is that, if I’m feeling particularly squeamish on a given “suck & kill” day, I’ll put the sucker back in its holder with the bug still in there. And, sometimes, the bug will bleed loathsome dying-bug-juices and become stuck and won’t just cleanly fall out. That’s why there’s a bug in there now. I’m afraid I’ll have to……to…..uugggghh!

It’s worth noting that freaky mutant spiders will NOT fit. In fact, their hairy-ass nasty torsos would barely fit in the tube, much less their thick, crawly, muscular legs.

Oh, geesh….I am going to have nightmares tonight.