Friday nights are great for perusing online automotive sites….. Should I buy the glove compartment organizer for my PERFECT, hip little bulldog of a convertible race car? I’m thinking yes, considering my anal retentive tendencies. What about the super-convenient catchall cargo net for the microscopically cute li’l trunk?

Did you notice I said ‘perfect’ in the previous paragraph? I went online again after uploading the last mm post, and this time found the exact same car that was sittin’ on Laurens Road…..but it was automatic. It was in Maryland, but if I paid Carmax $250, they’d plop it on a truck and send it to me. So on Monday, September 8, I gave ’em my credit card info to set the deal in motion. By the following Monday evening, the pretty little Mini was mine.

Turned out to be the best decision I could’ve made! I get a HUGE dopey grin on my face every time I sit behind the wheel. :D Ahhhhh….. motoring joy!

Are you disappointed that I didn’t get the stick? Maybe this’ll raise me a notch in your esteem — the one I bought does have a manual/sport mode….and something called Steptronic (scroll down on this page for more info, if you’re interested). I’m not sure how to operate it yet, or why I would want to, but it sounds impressive in the manufacturer’s manual and some web pages I’ve found. Fast acceleration and mountain driving are mentioned, so I anticipate becoming quite intimate with it eventually…..