Wow, it’s a landslide. ALL THREE of you said in my poll that you want to see more neverdones in 2009. :) Of course I still have to get through the rest of them this year….I have to complete four more to make my 12-in-one-year goal. Hmmmmmmm. Better get busy.

For those of you who would like a refresher or who weren’t reading mm back then, a ‘neverdone’ is my happy little made-up word for something I’ve never done before. Last year I pledged to get in an average of one per month during 2008. Having changed my entire LIFE in 2007 by creating a healthier lifestyle, I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose that spirit ….or the empowerment I felt from overcoming a hurdle or trying something new.

Anyway. It’s time for another list, don’t you think? I’ve repeated the previous items (wow, I hardly did anything on last year’s list), come up with some new ones, and added some that you guys have suggested throughout the year. Does anything look fun to you? Surely something does. Do it with me! Come on, let’s go!

run an 8K race
run a 10K race
try hardcore cycling
go on a lonnnnnnnng hike
do the mud run
enter flight school
play a paintball game
camp overnight on a beach
write a story based on family history
video my mom telling stories
visit Yellowstone
do a kick-ass boot camp class
go on a cruise
go to a Mac conference
stay in an ice hotel
figure out how to live clutter-free
paint a mural
plant a garden
see the northern lights
take a wine tasting class
hop in the car and go on a long roadtrip — no planning
do 100 girly-knee pushups
do 50 buff-boy pushups
be a member of a TV show audience
do Vegas
see a live drag queen show
visit an active volcano
fly to the edge of space in a supersonic jet
write my will
spend a whole day at a spa
go zorbing
attend a scifi convention
experience zero gravity
drive a race car — fast
go on a safari
make a pilgrimage
knit something naughty
donate blood
volunteer during a holiday
take a fiction writing class
see the redwood trees in California
do a legal drug in Amsterdam
smoke a cigar to see what’s the big deal
build an elaborate sandcastle
create my own website (blog templates don’t count)
wax a body part
pierce an unusual body part
tattoo a body part
do something that scares me
smoke a peace pipe
enter a juried art show
design my own apparel, then make it
script & shoot a short movie
send a postcard to Postsecret
earn a masters degree
learn to make sushi rolls
give someone else’s perversion a try
visit Stonehenge
throw a dart on a map and travel where it lands
make paper
write a book
visit the Grand Canyon
ride in a hot air balloon
attend a Buddhist service/seminar/retreat
ride an animal bigger than a horse
attend Burning Man
take a multi-day train trip
visit the flagship Apple store in NYC
drive the Pacific Coast Highway