Yo, guys! This week’s episode is part creative fun, part technical experiment. I’m taking a little lunchtime break to post completely from my iPhone. It’d be pretty darn cool if it works. Fingers crossed.

Here is a photo I took yesterday with my iPhone, then cooked it through a happy Polaroid-inspired app called ShakeIt. Hiking bud Meredith is enjoying a refreshing wade near the foot of Schoolhouse Falls in Nantahala State Park’s Panthertown Valley. The labyrinth of trails led us to so many beautiful surprises — lots of waterfalls and sweeping vistas!

Nature always helps to ground me. Why in the world do I allow little excuses to creep into my weekends, preventing me from getting out there?

More often, I tell you. It needs to happen more often. Not the excuses. The getting out there.