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October 2011

Warm fuzzies at work #10

I have a confession to make. I’ve been feelin’ an ever-so-slight propaganda vibe in these work gratitude posts. Don’t get me wrong — every last spankin’ one of my items has been true. But my college journalism training has been nudging uncomfortably at the back of my head, whispering things like, “You know you’re not telling the whole story” and “Yeah, that’s great, but….there’s a but, you know.” Continue reading “Warm fuzzies at work #10”


Warm fuzzies at work #9

I am grateful for my new underwear which is keepin’ my keester happy while sitting in front of my Mac. But just in case that’s deemed NOT to be work related, I decided to steal another co-worker’s gratitude. And it’s not really stealing. I’m wholeheartedly agreeing! Continue reading “Warm fuzzies at work #9”

Warm fuzzies at work #8

A year ago today, I was trying to comfort my mom, nephew, and brother-in-law while myself wrestling through some powerful emotions. My sister had died suddenly two days before, and, during the stereotypical calm before the storm, we were bracing ourselves for the visitation that evening and the funeral the next day. Continue reading “Warm fuzzies at work #8”

Warm fuzzies at work #7

May I say “ditto”?

I’m grateful we can freelance overflow work. It’s the only way I’m able to keep my head above water….and, even so, once in awhile I’ll stay under a tad too long and come up gasping.

Warm fuzzies at work #6

I’m grateful for free coffee. Yeah, I know every decent employer in the whole entire nation serves this one up as a perk. But have you seen how much coffee I can drink??

Warm fuzzies at work #5

Oops, please don’t tell anyone at the office that I wasn’t publicly grateful yesterday. I didn’t forget….my head was deep into projects all day. Then I had to race to that deliciously brutal bootcamp class where I was introduced to a new form of torture called “loading docks.” Gratefully, I’m a tad bit masochistic.

Heyyyy….I just said ‘gratefully.’ And this is a post about being grateful at work.


Do these somehow relate?


Thinking…. Continue reading “Warm fuzzies at work #5”

Photofun 3

I have absolutely no idea what this is, but I like it and have named it “Wispy.” Found it on my iPhone this morning.

Warm fuzzies at work #4

This one’s a quickie, not to mention pretty darn obvious.

I am grateful that our offices are in downtown Greenville! Rejuvenation is just a stroll away — down the vibe-rich, energetic Main Street (which today is abuzz with “Fall for Greenville” prep) or in cheerfully soothing Falls Park.

Warm fuzzies at work #3

I’m not experiencing this particular thankfulness at work, but it still counts, by golly.

I’m grateful that we’re allowed to work at home now and then. What a rockin’ option it is to pack a pile o’work and deem that my big blue couch is my satellite office for the day. The razor-sharp focus it allows is key in meeting those big, inflexible deadlines — like today’s project, a bi-annual magazine I design and produce for GHS’s Office of Philanthropy and Partnership. Those “I-promise-it’s-just-a-quick-question” interruptions and open-environment-noise distractions are blissfully nonexistent. Continue reading “Warm fuzzies at work #3”

Warm fuzzies at work #2

Today’s bit o’appreciation is going to sound like a suck-up. But it’s not.

I’m grateful that leadership actually wants to hear from us. Aside from an all-the-time, open-door climate, “tough questions” are solicited on a regular basis around here…. Continue reading “Warm fuzzies at work #2”

Photofun 2

Bet you were wondering whether I’d ever add to this series. Ummm, well, OK……in all likelihood, you haven’t been wondering that. Beh. I like my delusions, so just let me wallow in ’em.

For the last couple of days as I’ve come and gone from the office, I’ve been struck by the colors in this mix of fallen leaves and early autumn flowers. Today I stopped to snap a picture. Isn’t it pretty and cheerful? I massaged it — twice, I think — through an iPhone app called ShakeItPhoto.

Warm fuzzies at work #1

I was in a meeting this morning, and — feeling slightly taxed from paying attention during the previous 35 minutes of roundtable reports and project updates — when we got to the closing announcements, I started to lapse into that non-morning-person, struggling-to-concentrate foggyhead space.

“Blah wahh yada woonkblah blah leadership goals blah,” I heard. “Blah strategic villywoo every department blah blahblow will participate in a project.”

Huh? You mean I might have to do something? OK, brain. I’m slappin’ you in your metaphorical face. Wake up.

“Every department in the system will choose one of three activities,” announced Sally, our marketing director. Continue reading “Warm fuzzies at work #1”

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