I’m not experiencing this particular thankfulness at work, but it still counts, by golly.

I’m grateful that we’re allowed to work at home now and then. What a rockin’ option it is to pack a pile o’work and deem that my big blue couch is my satellite office for the day. The razor-sharp focus it allows is key in meeting those big, inflexible deadlines — like today’s project, a bi-annual magazine I design and produce for GHS’s Office of Philanthropy and Partnership. Those “I-promise-it’s-just-a-quick-question” interruptions and open-environment-noise distractions are blissfully nonexistent. When in the office, there are days I never even make it to that internal creative headspace.

There a few disadvantages to working at home. During the early afternoon, that traveling bright window sunspot chases me off the couch to the dining room table….but then it does remind me to get up and eat lunch. I have to take more stretching breaks….but that’s good for me anyway, right? I frequently have to maneuver my laptop with a kitty glued to my side….but it’s really supersweet and can make for a pleasantly fluffy, purring armrest. Almost always the time slips away from me and I end up working into the evening, too….but I do that at the office as well, so that’s not really different.

And not being in the office makes it really easy for your co-workers to talk about you, but if you’re tech savvy and like to experiment with secret hidden webcams….

Heh heh heh. :)

Just kidding.


No, really. Kidding.