Oops, please don’t tell anyone at the office that I wasn’t publicly grateful yesterday. I didn’t forget….my head was deep into projects all day. Then I had to race to that deliciously brutal bootcamp class where I was introduced to a new form of torture called “loading docks.” Gratefully, I’m a tad bit masochistic.

Heyyyy….I just said ‘gratefully.’ And this is a post about being grateful at work.


Do these somehow relate?




Nope, can’t do it. This particular train of thought is catalyzing too much philosophy for me to handle before noon. Have I mentioned that I’m not a morning person? AT. ALL.

Heyyyy….let’s use my non-morning-personedness as a segue. It may not be an effective segue, but — geesh, weren’t you paying attention a second ago? — it is before noon.

I’m grateful that GHS has given a nod to employees’ pursuit of a favorable “work/life balance.” It’s actually been decreed recently in some sort of official document. Or email. Or something. That’s a big deal for a traditional corporate entity. Managers have been given some freedom in how to interpret this notion within each department…..and in my world, the best, happiest, most ubercool manifestation is through a flexible work schedule.

[Note to self: insert whisperingly-derogatory-yet-howlingly-witty remark about morning people and militant clock watchers. Later. Much later. After brain kicks in.]