Many years back, in another blogging life, I wrote a series of posts called “neverdones.” I made a list of cool things I’d never done, and…

Wellllll… OK, some of them were just plain weird or perhaps even boring and not really cool, but that’s just splitting hairs. You know the ones — those unruly grey hairs that keep birthing themselves out of my right temple.


Once a month, I’d do something I’d never done and then write about it. Posts included joining a gang of casual acquaintances (who are now great friends) for a night-caching romp through the mountains… visiting Biltmore… donating blood… rappelling… running my first 5K… being a volunteer coach for an awesome group of runners… getting a pedicure… driving a stick shift… and completing my first extreme geocache.

My neverdones, at first meant to just be fun and something to do, turned out to be a source of inspiration and courage and confidence and all sorts of other good-for-ya shenanigans. The things I did were not always monumental, but they were all new experiences. The practice kept me curious, open, humble, youthful.

And I’m white-knuckling that ‘youthful’ thing like it’s the last breath of mountain-fresh air on our round blue planet.

Since the year I did my neverdones, I’ve kept up the practice of tackling new activities. I ran a 10K… began attending Buddhist meditation sessions… completed not one but two 6-week-long afterwork bootcamp courses… and raised my hand to volunteer with TEDxGreenville, a whompin’ smart, creative, energized group of movers-n-shakers.

So I’ve kept it up, just not regularly. And I haven’t continued writing about them.

To be clear, neverdones are not not not my bucket-list things-to-do-before-I-die items. They are simply tools to help me laugh and learn and grow. Nothing more. I don’t have a bucket list, because there’s nothing that I feel like I should do in order to have lived a fulfilled life. I’m good.

Hmmmm, interesting. My asides tonight have a slightly geriatric flavor. Subconscious angst, perhaps?

Soooo. Have you guessed it yet? Yep, I’m going to reinstate those grin-happy neverdones. I miss the adventures and the internal push they give me to stretch myself. First step is to make a list of ideas…….can you think of anything else?

get a tattoo
go on a backpacking excursion
camp overnight on the beach
go on a cruise
paint a mural
do a mud run
enter flight school
play paintball
go zorbing
write a story based on family history
video my mom telling stories
visit Yellowstone
go to a Mac conference
stay in an ice hotel
visit Iceland
plant a garden
see the northern lights
take a wine tasting class
hop in the car and go on a long roadtrip — no planning
do 100 girly-knee pushups — in a row, no stopping
do 50 buff-boy pushups — in a row, no stopping
be a member of a TV show audience
do Vegas
see a live drag queen show
visit an active volcano
fly to the edge of space in a supersonic jet
write my will
attend a scifi convention
experience zero gravity
drive a race car — fast
go on a safari
make a pilgrimage
knit something naughty
volunteer during a holiday
take a fiction writing class
see the redwood trees in California
do a legal drug in Amsterdam
build an elaborate sandcastle
wax a body part
pierce an unusual body part
smoke a peace pipe
enter a juried art show
design my own apparel, then make it
script & shoot a short movie
earn a masters degree
visit Stonehenge
throw a dart on a map and travel where it lands
make paper
write a book
visit the Grand Canyon
ride in a hot air balloon
attend a yoga/meditation weekend retreat
ride an animal bigger than a horse
attend Burning Man
take a multi-day train trip
visit the flagship Apple store in NYC
drive the Pacific Coast Highway