Welcome to my li’l corner o’cyberspace. Please indulge me a bit while I play around with a few new themes and schemes.

The content is sparse and dusty, but I trip over here now and then to post a new photo, get warm-n-fuzzy over my work, or mull whether I should finally — once and for all, by golly — post a few portfolio items. While design and art direction are the staples of my day job, on this personal site so far, I’ve focused more on photography. That’s just where my muse usually leads me.

IMG_1440 small

At right is an example of my muse’s handiwork. Fallen leaves were sparkly and colorful against the parking lot pavement on a sunny September morning. Discoveries like this make me smile.

It’s a loose goal of mine to blog more in 2016, and I’d love your feedback on the posts as they happen. A few years back I’d hoped to relaunch a once-a-month neverdone habit while getting chatty about my adventures with the supersmart gang at TEDxGreenville, but time for personal projects turned out to be nil. Let’s see what happens now—I’m optimistic!

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