Really? You clicked on this page? Yikes.

Let’s see…..not young enough to be a Gen-Xer and not old enough to be a legitimate Baby Boomer, I love to create, share, learn, pursue supersassy ideas, and laugh until I’m breathless and crying. When obligations ease a bit, I’ll often romance some sort of creative whim or hop in my Mini and head for a spot o’beautiful nature. Or perhaps I’ll take naps.

Professionally, I’m a corporate art director in SC who, since 1990, has held diverse marketing-related positions in the Greenville-Spartanburg area. I love my job at Greenville Health System and do not normally assume freelance work or volunteer gigs, but I’m willing to make an exception here and there for a particularly worthy, challenging, or exciting project. My experience includes:

Art direction, design, project management. For 25+ years, I’ve developed and produced diverse communication and advertising projects including magazines, brochures, print and web ads, product sales and consumer information sheets, direct mail pieces, playbills, posters, newsletters, trade show displays, calendars, annual reports, books, point-of-purchase displays…. um, you don’t really need me to list more, do you? At times I’d execute each step myself — from writing and design to photography and pre-press production — while at other times I’d collaborate with writers, illustrators, photographers, designers, and production artists. Strengths include a keen attention to brand consistency and quality; a knack for collateral system design which balances high standards with production efficiency; and skill in marrying strategic objectives with practical solutions, whether related to creativity or the workflow process. Primary emphasis has been business-to-consumer, with a few years of business-to-business.

Photography. Using DSLR, SLR, and medium-format systems both in the studio and on location, I’ve shot numerous portraits, products, editorial topics, and events. I’m skilled with digital imaging and sophisticated manipulation techniques. I’ve toyed with video a tad, too, although in an old-school sort of way.

Writing & editing. I’ve written promotional blurbs, blog posts, feature stories, news articles, brochure copy, and direct mail letters for various public relations, marketing, and personal projects, including many published on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. I’ve also generated copy for manufacturers, consulting with product managers and engineers to create easy-to-read magazine ads, sales literature, spec sheets, and technical manuals. I champion the Oxford comma!

Social media. A technology addict, I’ve been involved with corporate and non-profit social media initiatives, including blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I’ve art directed branded efforts and written and overseen social media design guidelines and best practices. I admin several groups, accounts, and pages.

Website planning & maintenance. I play with online publishing tools for fun, most recently WordPress. Professionally, I’ve worked closely with content providers and developers to design, create, and maintain sites.

Mac network admin. Armed with an advanced knowledge of the Mac operating system and desktop publishing tools, I’ve specified, purchased, and maintained Mac hardware, software, and networking products for most of my employers. This includes single-user workstations as well as multi-user, departmental LANs.

Fundraising. Accompanied by the necessary prospecting, research, and budget documentation, I’ve written sponsorship proposals, grant applications, and letters to persuade potential donors. I’ve led and participated in one-on-one corporate sponsorship solicitations and provided ongoing customer service for many corporate accounts.


So… most of that stuff is just from the career summary portion of my resume. Pretty dry, huh? Sorry ’bout that. If there’s something else you’d like to know or if you have any suggestions to improve what’s here, please leave a comment. Since I’m always evolving, this page will forever and ever and ever be a work in progress.

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