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Photofun 4

I’ve been toying with getting back into the blogging habit. Here’s a supereasy new beginning — my fave photo of the week! I loved, loooooved the lightplay in the old barn, and the blues and greens in the floorboards were happy surprises when I looked at the images later on my laptop. Continue reading “Photofun 4”


Photofun 3

I have absolutely no idea what this is, but I like it and have named it “Wispy.” Found it on my iPhone this morning.

Photofun 2

Bet you were wondering whether I’d ever add to this series. Ummm, well, OK……in all likelihood, you haven’t been wondering that. Beh. I like my delusions, so just let me wallow in ’em.

For the last couple of days as I’ve come and gone from the office, I’ve been struck by the colors in this mix of fallen leaves and early autumn flowers. Today I stopped to snap a picture. Isn’t it pretty and cheerful? I massaged it — twice, I think — through an iPhone app called ShakeItPhoto.

Photofun 1

Yo, guys! This week’s episode is part creative fun, part technical experiment. I’m taking a little lunchtime break to post completely from my iPhone. It’d be pretty darn cool if it works. Fingers crossed.

Here is a photo I took yesterday with my iPhone, then cooked it through a happy Polaroid-inspired app called ShakeIt. Hiking bud Meredith is enjoying a refreshing wade near the foot of Schoolhouse Falls in Nantahala State Park’s Panthertown Valley. Continue reading “Photofun 1”

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