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Captions and craftiness

When I sent an e-mail last week soliciting entries for a mm caption-writing contest, I figured I’d get some interesting responses…..and BOY did I. :) At right is the photo, and my little “call for entries” went like this:

“Many of you EXCEL in the art of caption writing! Show off your skills by entering a magicalmonkey caption writing contest. Pen your best shots — as many as you like — by Saturday evening and e-mail them to me. On Sunday, I’ll post all the entries and then we’ll vote to see which is our fave.

“This sounds like a whompin’ HUGE load of fun, huh??

“Picture attached. Some background: It’s my hand, and I’m poking two appendages into a plant which traps and “eats” bugs. Limiting myself to one appendage would have allowed me to go much deeper. Water collects in the bottom of it, and if you find yourself near one of these plants while dying of thirst, I hear from a reliable source that it will be safe to drink the water. There may be bugs in it, but that would just add a little protein.”

I didn’t get a lot of replies (what? better things to do?? I can’t fathom what could be more important….), but a few of you were HILARIOUSLY prolific! Vote for your favorites in the lefthand column. I would love to give credit where credit is due, but I’ll let the individuals own up to their creations themselves, should they so desire. :) That includes the visionary photographer of the original image.

1. Such a waste of a lovely hand.

2. Sometimes you want width, other times depth.

3. This inter species thing has gone too far.

4. Careful there! do ya think those pocket vaginas just grow on trees? **received 1 vote**

5. Neatly wrapped, tightly assembled, and tastes like chicken. What’s not to like?…. other than the pesky dead or dying mosquitoes in the bottom.

6. Plants don’t REALLY have G-spots, do they?

7. Is it in yet?

8. Are you the pitcher or the catcher?

9. I’ve heard of talking seductively to your plants to help them grow, but this just might be illegal in some areas!

10. Coming up next on DIY-TV — You, too can learn artificial in-stem-ination! **received 2 votes**

11. [Sorry, no captions. For your viewing pleasure, please to enjoy the attached images…] **received 5 votes…the winner!**


Yay! Poll results!

Cool, I had a whompin’ three votes in my poll! Of course, no one voted for the same item, so we have a three-way tie. But since I’m starved for blog entry topics, that is juuuuust fine. The winners:

• Explain your love for monkeys.
• How is it that monkeys are, ahem, “magical”?
• Um, the Barbie thing. Was this your way to say that only a consenting adult would be allowed in such play?

Since I’m having one of those productive, clean-the-house Sundays right now, I’m going to make you wait a little while longer for the answers. Stay tuned. :)

In the meantime, I’ve added a list of links at left for your…..ummmmm, entertainment, I suppose. Sort of. I guess.

Hey, you…help me play with a new Blogger feature

Gee, that sounded rude. I meant to say “please.”

At left is a poll containing the topic requests I’ve received since starting this blog. Now is the chance for my loooonnnnnnnnggg list of fans — all two of you — to fight it out. I know you’re on pins & needles to see which one will win, because I certainly am.

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